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it only appears restful between regular campaigns replacing casualties with new recruits

Our apartment envelops this bit of the outside on its north side, but nature refuses to forgive a building for totally blocking all direct sun with its height, so the possibilities for happy plants are very limited.

I don't ask for much however, and the only thing I think we're really missing is a proper surface for a newpaper and a coffee. Does anyone know where I could find the folding steel table designed to go with these dark green chairs?


a truly Great Egret

For some the Ramble is more for fishing than hunting expeditions, although we also observed the latter as we circled the north side of Central Park Lake with Barry's visiting uncle yesterday on an absolutely beautiful afternoon.

Last week while visiting the garden Philip Johnson designed in 1953 for the Museum of Modern Art I was charmed by the anthopomorphic postures of the Bertoia chairs, also just over fifty years old, which are found strewn (rather mysteriously drifting) about the elegant grounds.

untitled (Bertoia) 2006

Sometimes alone.


And, oh yeah, it is after all a sculpture garden, so I shouldn't, and couldn't, ignore the more formal installations.

Ellsworth Kelly Green Blue (1968) painted aluminum [view of installation]




Barry talking to his wonderful mother in MoMA's Sculpture Garden last week. The beautiful bright blue Impatiens crowded into their geometric beds looked quite jealous.


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