our little scrub farm

it only appears restful between regular campaigns replacing casualties with new recruits

Our apartment envelops this bit of the outside on its north side, but nature refuses to forgive a building for totally blocking all direct sun with its height, so the possibilities for happy plants are very limited.

I don't ask for much however, and the only thing I think we're really missing is a proper surface for a newpaper and a coffee. Does anyone know where I could find the folding steel table designed to go with these dark green chairs?

Thanks, Stephen. I finally did find them on their website yesterday, but when I called I found out that their table is a bright hunter green. My chairs are a pretty subdued dark tone.

Yeah, I guess I'm really too fussy, but maybe the plants at least will thank me for it.

Ah. I found it.

For Stephen, and for anyone else who might be interested for their own purpose, I had emailed Danny Meyer's Shake Shack on Madison Square, which has the table I want, and they very kindly replied today with a message which got me, indirectly, to American Country Home Store, in Iowa.

My table, "Cedar Green" should arrive next week.