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While looking at this shot on my screen I was trying to decide whether to post what would just be another Lower East Side cloud picture. Then I thought of an excuse: I would say something about how if clouds were alive and sang they might have a chance of displacing birds in my personal hierarchy of the divine. At that moment I noticed my simple cloud scene included the tiny fuzzy shape of a bird in flight and my question about its banality vanished.

For me it's still all about the birds.






I've always loved bikes and bikers, perhaps almost obsessively (excepting the fiends who ride on sidewalks or yelp at pedestrians), and so on a recent Saturday afternoon I was determined to investigate the 3rd Annual "Bicycle Fetish Day", an all-day bike fair on Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg, sponsored by the City Reliquary Brooklyn Civic Riders B.C., in loose association with the esteemed Board members and fans of the City Reliquary Museum.

I was not disappointed with the photo opportunities. I was sorry that I hadn't ridden over the bridge on my own two wheels, and sorry also that our gallery-visiting schedule kept Barry and I from hanging out longer with these beautiful mounts and riders.


Before today I don't think I'd ever seen an attempt to combine 50's Madras and 60's tie-dyed traditions as a single concept. I have no idea whether a conscious irony was involved, but this beautiful young man lit up the atrium space at the Museum of Modern Art this afternoon.

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