the D'Amelio Terras thing

Barry and I were among the teeming cultured masses in and outside of D'Amelio Terras tonight for the opening of the amazing show, "Now Playing: Daniel Reich Gallery, John Connelly Presents, K48," which the gallery describes as a group of "three emerging artistic programs."

In the pictures below I was behind the camera, out of its range, so everything you will see is beautiful, although what was supposed to have attracted the crowd, the art, remained inside, where I was much too busy so my camera never saw it. For 10 images of the installation, see the gallery site as a tease, but make sure you get to 22nd Street. It's a great show. You'll want to tell somebody's grandchildren about it. Oh, and lots of stuff is "affordable" as we like to hear it described, beginning with artist-constructed CDs in their exotic cases, starting at $15 or so.

In the second picture, that's Conyers Thompson on the right (he's surprisingly single!), apparently shocking the Barry, and in the third, Scott Treleaven, Joe Wolin and Glenn Ligon are taking in the air - and the art fans.

wow! i want to be an artist too!

asianpunkboy is already t h e great artist (no explanation point needed)

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Published on July 1, 2003 9:24 PM.

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