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I don't think I could begin to do justice to yesterday's events at the courageous Team Gallery with any written description, so I'm going to cop out altogether and leave it to a few pictures, which at least have the value of their uniqueness. If they're a bit pretty, it's a very good, and an appropriate-to-the-subject thing. What they can't do is register the energy in the dark Team rooms last night.

Actually we were there for little more than the set of Jamie Arcangel and the Arcangels, and their earlier incarnation, Insectiside, so I couldn't speak to the remainder of the schedule in any event.

The "Throwback" show installations in the gallery, by Cory Arcangel & Beige, Maria Marshall, Jon Routson, and the almost-free take-homes (genuine art as tees, music, posters, prints, books), were exciting, seductive and really, really beautiful. The music was dynamite ("nuclear" just doesn't seem right these days)!

For more on Cory himself, see Tom Moody.

The images, from the top: "Super Mario Clouds v2k3" and admirers, crowd in the passage, Cory's instrument(s), Conyers and Barry, dance floor, interactive facility.

It was great to see some overlap in the fans at Team and those we saw on the Williamsburg shore 8 days earlier. Because of run-ins in Chelsea and elsewhere, we already knew she was big on emerging visual artists, but the performer in the last two images above was also one of several people we saw who had made it to Chunkathalon.

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Published on August 4, 2003 4:58 PM.

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