Harvey Milk HS I: to cheer the baby queers

the crowd on Astor Place, entertained by Phelps christianists

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Barry and I joined hundreds of others outside Harvey Milk High School this morning to cheer students entering the building for the first day of classes.

Across the street was the Fred Phelps family circus of Christianist nuts. The police seem to have understood the difference, and this time their sympathies worked for the good guys. Supporters were assigned the sidewalk in front of the school on Astor Place. The anti's had to be content with, appropriately, the gutter on the north side, and their screaming was continuously assaulted by the roar of a huge garbage/trash truck adjacent. Who had arranged that intervention?

Their posters alone alienated the cops, as did the sight of several of them standing on or dragging the flag through the dirt, but it was when they pulled out the "THANK GOD FOR SEPT 11" sign, that the police barricade we were standing behind was immediately moved well into the street to give our crowd more comfort, and additional public visibility in the process.

The kids themselves are alright, and we'll be back this afternoon before 3, to see them safely out.

Bloggy has more, including images. Don't miss "GOD'S ROD".


A confession is in order at this time. If you go to my link for more images, the last picture will show what I would say is one pretty hot young bible thumper. Our friend Jon yelled across the street, asking him if he lived in New York. Surprisingly there was an answer, and it was "yes." Jon followed, "You should get out more. It's fun."

You never know. There are all kinds of callings and conversions.

And this afternoon, in a Reuters photo on the MNSBC site:

B's striped blue polo obscures J's white shirt - our loopy "YOU'RE OUR ROLE MODELS" sign rises above all. Let's hope the student queers will be better at signs, but let's hope they won't need this kind.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Fred Phelps is a sick, twisted man. May the bad karma coming back to him hit him swiftly! :)

I believe that all children deserve a safe enviroment to learn in. there should be no hostility, no anger, no danger of physical harm in any degree.
i definatly do not agree with the protesters that alienated the homosexual children with their hatred and bigotry, then used God to justify their actions. they obviously don't know Jesus Christ.
God doesn't hate homosexuals. He hates homosexuality. It was never in Gods' plan for a man to lay with a man or a woman to lay with a woman. But because we do something that is contrary to what he wants, doesn't mean we forefit the love he feels for us. he said "i will never leave you nor forsake you." Gods' word however is true. You will have to give an account for the deeds done in your mortal body, but God in no way hates the students that attend the Harvey Milk H.S.

I'm gay, and I think it is the best thing to happen in our country in a long time. I think it will be great for people like us to hook up with guys or girls in a safe envrioment. I can only dream of one day haveing a Gay College I can Go to where sexuality is not an issue. Esp. for those of us women traped in a mans body. You God Harvey H.S.!

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