more than just another Saturday in Chelsea

The fabulous Wau Wau Sisters and our friend Nicolas at The Kitchen's Fifth Annual Street Fair on Saturday afternoon

Artist Nancy Hwang hanging out, also at The Kitchen Fair, with her interactive deliciously-moving, dumb-waitered, gelato-eating installation, "I Scream"

Joe Ovelman's latest guerilla art, which became part of the NADA/Downtown Arts Project art walks when Vince Aletti brought his group to a halt on 10th Avenue in front of the installation

First the repeated staccato screech of rubber on asphalt, then the protracted angry screaming; this cabbie must have grieviously offended the masculinity of the driver of the old Chevy, as, stopped in the middle of 10th Avenue, he was all but crawling onto the poor man's face

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Published on September 15, 2003 12:40 AM.

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