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Our quite wonderful new friends from Bordeaux, Francois and Nicolas, left for home Wednesday night, and we missed them immediately. They are smart. They are artists. They are charming. They are interested in everything about this city and its people. This was their first trip to the U.S., and it was Francois's first trip outside of France. They chose only to visit New York this time. Of course we wanted to see that they were happy while they were here.

There is only one reason for us to be grateful their visit did not continue into the next day: Thomas L. Friedman.

Barry has already written about what they said was their one encounter with local Francophobia, and it was a doozie. Days before they left they returned here after a visit to Times Square, very upset about having seen t-shirts for sale that read, "IRAQ FIRST, THEN FRANCE." They told us that they had heard that Americans didn't like the French, but that it was the first time they had seen the evidence. I think we were able to cheer them up again by telling them that it only meant that some miserable souls are very stupid and thoughtless, even in New York.

The day after they left Friedman showed us all just how stupid and thoughtless even appointed members of the Gotham elite can be. The NYTimes columnist (how'd he get that job, and when did the Times editorial pages start to read like The Wall Street Journal's?) declared that we were at war with France, because France wants us to fail in the occupation of Iraq.

Nicolas and Francois do not wish us ill, and the vast numbers of their countrymen are no more malevolent. The French government is not our enemy. All do join every thinking American in wanting us to stop acting like fools - and worse. The best response to an appallingly stupid Op-Ed piece which really deserves none (except for the importance of its medium) appeared the next day in a letter to the editor.

Thomas L. Friedman's assertion (column, Sept. 18) that "France wants America to fail in Iraq" is akin to saying that someone who separates a drunken driver from his car keys doesn't want him to get home.
I want us to get home, but it doesn't look like we're going to make it.

France certainly has its own problems, and Nicolas and Francois were not shy about discussing them, but at least they are home. We wish them and that home the very best.

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well, it seems that americans have started a war against france! lol

if i'm right, half of americans ares following this war, the french people will remember of it!

but i've not meet a only one appeal of boycotting USA products here, and even a T shirt against Bush!

Showing things mean nothing, French peoples knew that Bush will be a mess before he was elected, and the bet ares already on how we will dress the paris streets when Howard Dean will meet Chirac in Paris next year!

we had propaganda from Vichy saying that "allies" was our enemies while occupation, even if 80% of french saluted Petain politly because pressure, this same people was acting to protect and transfert allies troops pilots and jews to "free" countries! and at least was liberating the country!

Times of neo cons is ending, and the "France next"
wouldn't really paye tribute to the 44,000 french troops of rochambeau who gave them the right to fit thier shamefull flag of racism.

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