Thomas Lendvai at Plus Ultra

Thomas Lendvai's installation at Plus Ultra, as seen during the opening reception, with Ed Winkleman and Barry Hoggard showing as prairie dogs*

It's great fun, even if you couldn't be there for the cheer of the opening. Thomas Lendvai's plane of wooden joists has cut through the Plus Ultra space at a rakish angle, totalling re-configuring the white box and challenging the ordinary conventions of architectural space. There's nothing else in the gallery, but if you tried to add anything more than the bodies and faces of visitors attracted to this striking, minimal show (installed in one of the smartest galleries in the city) the room would be visually destroyed.

Fortunately, on the evening I stopped by those additions were all very beautiful.

* the analogy was Barry's, and it just popped out when he saw the image

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Published on January 12, 2005 11:33 PM.

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