Hunter College MFA degree show

seen on the 6th floor, between WC's marked for separate genders

Fortunately we were on foot. And at least we didn't rush uptown on opening night, when the most of the local artworld zipped through the open studios at the Hunter College BFA degree show. We waited until the last day (okay, it was also only the second day). Actually, for all I know, these people have already all signed with New York's most agressive galleries.

Nevertheless, I've uploaded below images of some of the most interesting work Barry and I found today, although their presence here is very much dependent on whether I was able to get a satisfactory picture. To be sure, there's still much, much more left on West 41st Street.

Emily Noelle Lambert

wicked good painter, growing in leaps with every work we've seen

Ruslan Trusewych (tape on large vinyl surface on stretcher)

minimalist sculptor and painter, and the most common materials imaginable

Katy Krantz (large detail)

gorgeous works on paper

Dominic Nurre (view of studio)

Nurre's genius aches to be unwound and shown: I'm thinking a project room somewhere would be appropriate - now

Zach Harris (painting and artist's frame)

this stuff is scary brilliant, and I mean that in every sense of both words

Hope Hilton (cut-out paper installation)

beautiful, sensitive, smart and mesmerizing, although the work is difficult to photograph

I'm going to stop for tonight, and continue in another post tomorrow. If anyone is interested in seeing more of the work of any of these artists, I may have some additional images I could share, or at least be able to direct you to a website or an email address.

thank you sir!

I was pleasantly surprised to see a painting by zach harris. I am an old friend of his and I have long lost touch. I would like to get in touch with him. Could you give him my email address?
thank you
jessica laflamme

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but we were in the wilds of New England, without a good internet connection.

I do have contact information for Zach Harris! I surprised myself with the accessibility of [at least this] file. I'll forward your message and email address.

I would be extremely surprised if his work doesn't show up in a good gallery very soon.