fractal geometries at Greene Naftali

Ara Peterson Standing Waves 2004 wood, acrylic 45" x 168" x 30" [detail of installation]

Ara Peterson is included in a group show at Greene Naftali based loosely on the idea of fractal geometry. Both the concept and its execution suggest the mystical as much as the scientific. A stunning show, and there are some great images on the gallery site itself.

In addition to Peterson's work there are fascinating contributions from Julie Becker, Keith Connolly, David Dempewolf, Rachel Harrison and Michaela Meise.

Keith Connolly Qvaris Object at Dawn 2004-2005 wood, mirror, acrylic, plaster, DVD, mini monitor 49" x 49" x 25" 40 minutes [view of installation]

David Dempewolf Time Travel Project - Glenn Gould 2005 digital video installation dimensions variable [still from installation]