pull down the blackout curtains at PS1 - we need sketchers!

Peter Baumgras (1827-1903) Three Artists Sketching (1873) pencil on paper 8.5" x 10.75"

Ladies and gentlemen, a reader has written in to comment [see the first one on my crabby PS1 post], that I should send out a call for sketchers and then post their images on this site.


It's a wonderful idea. Here's the deal:

Michael Cambre (a wonderful artist who's done some competitive sketching in his time) suggested that people be assigned an artist's work in the Greater New York show, but I don't know how to go about that without seeing who's raising their hand. I'm thinking we should just leave it up to the field out there to choose subjects, and then watch what comes in.

So I want to encourage anyone who's interested in using her or his own skills to show the world what the MoMA team is keeping partially under wraps to get out to PS1 and send me a jpeg or two. If this works, I'll show anything decent that comes in on a gallery I'll set up here for the purpose.

With each piece sketched, please include the name of the artist and the title.

I'm thinking we should encourage creativity as much as realism, just to keep it more interesting for everyone, but the idea should still be to describe another artist's work.

[image from The College of the Siskiyous]

I've added Gareth's drawing to the gallery.