Swoon at Deitch on Grand Street

view of an untitled section of an installation by Swoon at Deitch

It's a terrific show, and to think I almost missed most of it. Barry and I were at Swoon's opening over a month ago, but the crowd and the heat discouraged us from even trying to get into the main gallery that night. Since then we had been putting off going back to Soho until we might line up more shows to see on the same trip. I had even resigned myself to missing the larger installation altogether [there was all that hype, and I was ready to persuade myself that what I saw of her work on the streets was probably superior to anything she'd put in a gallery].


We finally made it back downtown yesterday and I'm very glad we did. This work is on another plane altogether. It's a really great show. She's created a brilliant environment. It's like walking through a surreal, silent, film noir set! Unfortunately I can't give you much to look at this time. It's pretty dark in there, so my little camera balked at my suggestions. Barry however was able to pull off a couple of great images. But if you can make it to Grand Street, don't be satisfied with these two dimensions. You should walk through those paper streets yourself.

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Published on August 10, 2005 3:29 PM.

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