special auras and fuzzes at d.u.m.b.o. arts center (dac)

Jonathan Podwil Assassinated (112263) #3 2005 oil on linen 22" x 30" [large detail]

Brooklyn's DUMBO is still packed with artist studios, even if the gallery numbers have declined in the last few years. d.u.m.b.o. arts center (dac) is one of the very few still around, and it's been even lonelier than usual down under the bridge during the time Smack Mellon has been closed (they will be opening in a new space in mid-October).

(dac) is currently showing the work of ten young artists in the wonderfully-spooky exhibition, "Nimbi and Penumbrae." The show's title explains why much of the art cannot be easily reproduced in an on-line photograph. This helps explain why I'm including only one image from the installation with this post, Jonathan Podwil's reworking, in a very traditional medium, of iconic photo stills attached to an American catharsis* from another era. But actually I'm very fond of Podwil's work, and these newest paintings are stunning.

they seem to be piling up faster these days