Heather Rowe with D'Amelio Terras at Armory

Heather Rowe Untitled (screen #1) 2006 metal studs, wood, tape and glass 42" x 28" x 82" [installation view]

Dynamite. Couldn't walk away. Don't know why. Want to know where it's going now. Can I visit?

Heather Rowe
's sculpture in the middle of the D'Amelio Terras booth attracted almost everyone's attention.

untitled and friends

What is the painting in the background of the top photo?

That's Whitney Bedford. Her latest paintings are the best work I've seen from her. I took two photos of her paintings at Art + Concept at the Armory:



Thanks Barry!

Nice paintings. It would be be nice to see them in person. What is their approximate size?


Most of the paintings we've seen are 28" x 37", although some are a bit smaller. This one must be larger, perhaps 34" x 48". I use those figures because there are others on the gallery site with that description.