Meacham, Stephan, Donegan and Campos at 5BE

Tom Meacham Brian Blade is a Better Kisser Than Me 2006 acrylic on canvas 90" x 60" [installation view]

Every single work in this delicious at Oliver Kamm's 5BE show can be appreciated for its thing-ness as much as its painting-ness. Looking doesn't seem to be enough, but I did manage to keep to my side the hand which was not occupied with the camera.

I don't understand how all the physical stuff came about, unless it had something to do with the particular conceit of the show: Two gallery artists were each asked to choose another artist who would be included in an intimate show of four. Tom Meacham chose Gary Stephan and Cheryl Donegan selected Stephanie Campos.

Everything works. The art is all very fine and the installation is perfect.

See Bloggy for an excellent image of one of Cheryl Donegan's pieces in the show.

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Published on April 24, 2006 8:51 PM.

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