Mark Schubert at Monya Rowe


Mark Schubert Penguin Pusher 2006 mixed media 47" x 24" x 26" [installation view]

Mark Schubert Wheelbarrow Rose 2006 mixed media 63" x 21" x 22" [installation view]

Monya Rowe is showing five "life-size" [my phrase] sculptures by Mark Schubert in a show titled, "Yard Work". Delicious, even without what felt to me like a visual reference to ice cream. In fact the media the artist uses is somewhat less digestible: the press release tells us that "Most of the materials can be seen in a suburban yard: wheelbarrows, plastic lawn chairs and lawn ornaments."

A really smart lawn wouldn't want to live with these ornaments.

nice lookin' yard art!! I can't wait to see the show.