"Abstract" at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Chris Martin Untitled 2006 acrylic gel, oil, newsprint, and banana peel on canvas 48.25" x 38" [installation view]

Chris Martin Seven Pointed Star 2006 oil and mixed media on masonite 20" x 16" [installation view]

Chris Martin In Memory of Al Held 2005 acrylic, acrylic gel, oil, and newsprint on canvas 43.25" x 30.25" [installation view]

Chris Martin [installation view of unidentified small painting in gallery office]

I'm unapologetically crazy about Chris Martin's paintings, so although the "Abstract" show currently installed at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, includes four other worthy painters, I'm not surprising myself when I take the liberty of only including images of Martin's work here (the only missing piece is on the ArtCal listing). I suspect no artists have been harmed, especially since the gallery's site has pictures of each of the pieces included in this very pleasing group show of very new paintings by Phillip Allen, Alison Fox, Alex Kwartler, Martin, and Rebecca Morris.

Even if you don't share the focus of my enthusiasm you may at least agree with one of my thoughts on the show as a whole that there's a lot of Johns and Rauschenberg on each of these gorgeous canvases and boards. Of course I mean that in a good way.

These are terrific. I share your enthusiasm for Chris Martin's work ever since you introduced me to it through this blog a year or two ago. After seeing this latest post I went to Mitchell-Innes & Nash's website -- this show looks absolutely spectacular. Thanks for sharing James, you rock!!!

The "Abstract" show is stunning - great paintings. Chris Martin's are great as well. I am not sure what I think of his very evident signature on his paintings however...

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Published on December 9, 2006 8:34 PM.

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