Steve Page at SVA Open Studios




The beautiful work of Steve Page seen at the SVA Open Studios reception is an example of why these visits to student exhibitions can be so exciting for enthusiasts, even those who are able to regularly make the rounds of the less well-known galleries.

In addition, while we were in Page's space, thanks to the familiarity of the school's "Summer Residence Faculty" professor-cum-godfather David Gibson with the artist's work, we were able to see the progression from those pieces which marked the beginning of this summer residency. Very different from the pieces seen above, they were rawly-dramatic on their own terms.

Steve Page,
Cool work, wish I could of seen some of the earlier work.
Looks like he is working with fabric material as well as paints.

thanks for the kind words. i plan on getting a site up however if you have any questions or comments,

my email is:

[email protected]

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Published on August 7, 2007 5:45 PM.

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