Catch 30 in the Movement Research Festival

Christine Elmo [the totally amazing Peter Hanson dancing here]

Anna Marie Shogren & Katie Rose McLaughlin

Justin Jones [Anna Marie Shogren, Sarah Baumert and Justin Jones dancing]

Chris Schlichting

Scott Riehs [only part of the company of eleven]

These are images of five more short performances included in the Catch 30 night of the Movement Research Festival I wrote about in my previous post. The lighting was a challenge, and I didn't leave my seat, so my images are both compromised and few.

I think all of the ten pieces we saw were either excerpts, works in progress, or just tantalizing glimpses of more ambitious works. I wish we could be given strings attached to [most of] these artists, to be sure we'd be alerted to what comes next.

Sorting out the printed program was something of a challenge; this is the alphabetical list of the names of the choreographers alone, taken from the CATCH site:

Christine Elmo
Justin Jones
Myles Kane
Elliot Durko Lynch
Scott Riehs
Chris Schlichting
shitheads on dynamite/living lab
Anna Marie Shogren & Katie Rose McLaughlin
For a real reviewer, see the intrepid Claudia La Rocco, whose NYTimes piece I read just after finishing this post. La Rocco's also a blogger now.