Gay and liberal? You're out!

Two men, two stories.

The Boston Achbishop conceals felonies and exposes (real) children to the predations of child molesters, but that's ok with the Pope in Rome. The Milwaukee Achbishop* has an ongoing consensual relationship with an adult, and he's thrown out immediately.

Law in Boston is apparently stright and reactionary; Weakland in Milwaukee is gay and progressive. It's was a no-brainer, and business as usual, for the leaders of this sexist, autocratic cult.

*The best account appears only on the "premium" (view the entire article only for a fee), Salon site, where it is made clear in The witch hunt against Archbishop Weakland that the relationship in question was intimate and lengthy, yet regulary punctured by the younger man's venality and, ultimately, the successful blackmailing of the man who loved him.

What's clear is that the meticulous reporting of sexual abuse by the
Boston Globe -- swinging a wrecking ball through a wall of silence
behind which the cries of the innocent were smothered lest they
interfere with business as usual -- is in danger of giving way to
sweeping persecution of gay priests. The Marcoux affair, and the
slipshod reporting of his accusations by ABC, suggest it's open season.

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Published on May 26, 2002 12:12 PM.

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