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Castro is apparently no longer a threat to the Western Hemisphere, but only a weight on the shoulders of his own people. Bushie says we must continue the embargo designed by our Cold War, but now it is because he's not democratic enough, or sufficiently capitalistic.

"I want you to know that I know what trade means with a tyrant," Mr. Bush said. "It means that we will underwrite tyranny, and we cannot let that happen."

"For 43 years, every election in Cuba has been a fraud and a sham," Mr. Bush said. "Mr. Castro, once, just once, show that you're unafraid of a real election."

Well I think we smell a rat. No free elections in Cuba? Does he mean that Castro lacks the legitimacy of a Supreme Court appointment? And even ignoring our own shortcomings, shouldn't we be boycotting, among others, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, any number of former Soviet Union republics, and certainly Pakistan, rather than allying ourselves ever more closely with these non-democratic, occasionally capitalistic model states in the fight against freelance terrorism?

We don't understand. Please help us out, Bushie.

Dear Mr Wagner,
I cant believe you are comparing President Bush (Bushie is very disrespectful) to Fidel Castro. That is insane! It is interesting that you note the supreme court decision. So, since it is obvious that President Bush won the election (because they have been recounted many times and it is clear that President Bush won), why are you trying to say it was bad for the Supreme Court to say that the recounting wasnt right. You cannot count a vote that hasnt been punched out! Its that obvious! I cant beleive you compare President Bush to someone who has drowned his own people. I agree that we should not trade as much with those other countries. Comparing the elections of the United States and Cuba are insane though. So, if you want to say the Supreme Court is wrong in that position, lets also remember the mistake they made when they made abortions legal. How sickening!

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Published on May 21, 2002 12:28 PM.

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