Searching for wisdom in the wrong places

Bushie's only response to the growing uproar over his administration's foreknowledge of a terrorist attack, foreknowledge kept secret until now, is to ask God for wisdom. Well, we know we won't get it from Bushie or his handlers, especially if they're really looking for it to come from an Imaginary Playmate.

Bush made no immediate comment on the situation.

He attended a National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington and said prayer has helped Americans of faith to get through the last eight months.

"The last eight months have showed the world the American character is incredibly strong and confident. Yet, prayer reminds us that a great people must be humble before God, searching for wisdom -- constantly searching for wisdom from the Almighty," he said.


It's also interesting that back in September the Bush White House and Republican's in congress suggested that it was Clinton who ignored recommendations for better security against terrorism. Bush simply inherited the problem and didn't have enough time to clean up Clinton's mess. Now all of the same critics are saying that even though Dubya got a specific warning, some even suggested that he was warned terrorists may try to fly a plane into the WTC, it's not his fault "hindsight is 20/20." Why do the Democrats let him get off the hook with these things? Who cares about a tasteless photo fundraiser. He had advance warning of WTC and not only did he ignore it, he blamed his predecessor after.


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Published on May 16, 2002 11:48 AM.

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