breaking the habit

A moment of silence for the brothers and sisters who remain lost.

A Spanish Catholic priest who came out earlier this year tells a sad story which will not surprise most of us, even today.

The Spanish nun who walked into Father Jose Mantero's confessional was not wearing a habit, but that was not what was troubling her. "I have fallen in love with one of the sisters, with another nun," she whispered through the grille separating them. "She wanted me to call her a monster and a sinner. Instead I told her about a gay association in Seville. She was furious and stormed out. I didn't even have time to give her absolution," says Mantero. "That's what the Roman Catholic church does to homosexuals."
Mantero himself remains in the Church, although suspended from his duties, and he continues to enrage the hierarchy while also tweaking the faithful everywhere with his knowledge of Church history:
"Pope Paul VI was a great queer," says Mantero. "And when I say that I mean it with respect. He was also a great pope."