NOT IN OUR NAME statement

We need not stand alone. We are not alone. Where can we sign up?

I'm not a celebrity and I'm not an academic, but I have asked to be a part of this very reasonable statement. But I'm already a part of it! I feel like I have been a voice crying in the wilderness since September 11, and this from a born again atheist. I'll keep you posted about the organizers' response and the details of the procedure.

Ok, just more words, but words which will mean that we and the entire world will know that the our rampaging government cannot shut us up or out.

Jeremy Pikser, one of the organizers of the statement, said yesterday that he had been concerned that the rest of the world was under the impression that there was no dissent in the US to the bombing of Afghanistan and the plans for a war against Iraq.

Pikser, a screenwriter who wrote Bulworth, a satire on American politics in which Warren Beatty played a politician who finally decided to speak his mind, said some people had been reluctant to add their names. "A lot of people haven't signed it, although they agree with it, because they think it might jeopardize other things they're involved in."

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Published on June 14, 2002 12:55 PM.

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