Yes, I think so!

Not since the last almost-presidential election have I been so hopeful about the ability of our polity to turn itself around, or correct (at least part of) itself, as I am tonight!

Except that I've been feeling this good thing all day long, I would look for its origin in the wonderful meal and good cheer Barry and I shared this evening. [No, Jim, must remember to be less self-referential.]

So many people seem to be absolutely fed up, and so many are speaking out when they would have shut up, or been shut up, especially in the past ten months. These are people at every level and in almost every part of our society. They are not a party; they are not a faction; they are the people. I think.

[This just might be the beginning of the end.]

Look at the stories we are seeing hourly even in the commercial press (they do want to sell their stuff, after all, and they can't do it with only a continuing campaign of sycophancy)! I can't even begin to link here all the evidence of the shift I believe I am seeing. Am I just kidding myself, or does it not really look like they (you know who I mean) aren't going to be able to hold on?

I mean, they look very very bad, like total fuck offs! [I never used to use this language, but then I never had such provocation.]

Even their little minds can't be unaware of what's happening, and this means were still in real danger. They may still deploy the ultimate weapon, a *real* war improvised to save their skins, but at the expense of ours, and of the future of the entire planet.

Don't let it happen [or it really will be the end].

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Published on July 12, 2002 11:36 PM.

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