Lieberman supports "malefactors of great wealth"

And just why do you think that's a bad move at this time, Senator Lieberman?

The conservative Democratic believes his presidential running mate, Al Gore, shifted too far to the left [sic] during the 2000 campaign.

In recent weeks, Mr. Lieberman has repeatedly expressed concerns that Democratic efforts to seize on allegations of corporate abuse on Wall Street could undo efforts made by some members of the party — most of whom are affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council [formed in the 1980s to elect Republican knock-offs] and refer to themselves as New Democrats — to move the Democratic Party to the center, and rebut its image as antibusiness.

In the interview last night, Mr. Lieberman said that he had felt the same way in 2000, when Mr. Gore presented his campaign as an appeal on behalf of "the people" against "special interests."

This is from a speech he gave yesterday, not last year! Hasn't anyone told him what's going on in the country these days, or is this courtesan simply too horribly compromised by his own illicit or shadowy corporate l'affair de coeuer? The party should be stepping up to its own "bully pulpit!" If not now, when? If not critical of corporate malfeasance, supportive?

At least for the fortunes of his party, but certainly for the good of the Republic, this man must be shunted aside pronto!

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Published on July 29, 2002 4:02 PM.

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