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Dean Daderko either does or does not have the hottest gallery in New York, and Toni Schlesinger either does or does not just write a regular column about where people live in New York.

I would say yes and no, respectively, but I would prefer to describe them both as remarkable artists in their own right.

You can visit Dean at Parlor Projects* almost every sunday, and you can visit Toni in "SHELTER" usually once a week in the Village Voice.

[Toni] This is such a visually advanced room but if you look out the window you can see women in house slippers discussing arthritis. . . . . Does your landlord care that you have a gallery here?

[Dean] It doesn't particularly bother him, I think. He has a butcher shop. I've had about 16 exhibitions since January 2000. . . . . Inhwan Oh did a piece called Things of Friendship. He went through my house, looking in the medicine cabinet, in drawers. Anything he found that matched something at his house, he'd set asideĀ—Elmer's wood glue, a gay travel guide, some Wisk. At the end, there were 25, 30 objects in common. He set up the objects in two piles, almost like mirror images. The artists tend to take advantage of the fact that this is a domestic space. (Tom [a friend of Dean's who has been in the kitchen] comes out and says: "I'm going to go now.")

[Toni] You were so quiet back there. (Tom) I was writing down everything you were saying. The meta-interview.


* 214 Devoe Street (bet. Bushwick and Humbolt) 917-723-8626

comment Dear James,

Thanks for your generous comments. I'm so flattered, but I have to defer to the artists who have made PP what it is by offering such generous and innovative shows. Hot-cha, as Estee Pierce said

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Published on July 16, 2002 10:32 PM.

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