not gay, just domestic partners, thank you please

Straights who really want to look like they're gay! Sounds like a great opportunity for our next recruiting drive!

Jeff's a 32-year-old "starving artist" who likes to travel. So last fall, he pretended to be gay to get cheap airline tickets. The scheme may sound like something out of a bad Matthew Perry movie, but it worked. A gay friend who works for a major airline offered to list him as his domestic partner, even though Jeff's not the slightest bit bi-curious. "It was really easy," he confesses. "All my friend had to do was tell the airline." Unfortunately for Jeff, he was "dumped" a little while later. "My friend registered his new boyfriend, so he could get the seats."

A case of having your (fairy) cake and eating it...?

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Published on July 1, 2002 7:32 PM.

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