Blinded by hatred of Left, U.S. murdered in Argentinia

Henry Kissinger committed crimes against humanity in his support of the Argentine military dictatorship's self-described "war on terrorism" in the seventies, when military and paramilitary units were systematically killing, torturing and kidnapping suspected leftists--including several American citizens--during the summer and fall of that year.

Newly declassified documents show the frustration of the American ambassador, Robert Hill, during those months.

"When he had seen Secy of State Kissinger in Santiago, [Kissinger] had said he hoped the Argentine govt. could get the terrorist problem under control as quickly as possible," Mr. Hill wrote. "Guzzetti [the Argentine foreign minister] said that he had reported this to President Videla and to the cabinet, and that their impression" had been that the United States' "overriding concern was not human rights" but rather that Argentina " `get it over quickly.' "

Mr. Kissinger did not return phone calls from a reporter seeking comment.

This is the real reason the current administration is fighting the International Criminal Court; its concern is not for Private Ryan.

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Published on August 22, 2002 11:06 AM.

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