bribing our way toward war crimes

--for total hegemony.

You want our money, you want us to not make trouble for you? Then you'd better sign here right now, giving us the right to do our war-crime thing and our genocide thing without any interference.

The people who occupy the White House intend to buy-off the world's governments in order to spread the blessings of their regime to the rest of the planet.

The Bush administration, still wary of the new International Criminal Court, is trying to line up nations one by one to pledge not to extradite Americans for trial, administration officials said today.

So far, the administration has signed agreements with Romania and Israel. Both countries have agreed that they will not send American peacekeepers or other personnel to the court, whose purpose is to prosecute individuals for war crimes and genocide when national governments refuse to act.

And what do our sorta-elected representatives think of this?

In Congress, lawmakers from both parties said the administration's tactics were both legal and welcome.
Blinking toadies.

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Published on August 7, 2002 11:25 AM.

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