German pizza

The pizza was delivered this eveing by a tall, strong, young man with a distinct German accent. Young German delivering pizza in Manhattan in 2002? Shouldn't he be on Wall Street or partying on the Upper East Side?We don't know what his job means, to him or to us, but we wish him well, as we do all of the wonderful guys who work so hard peddling through the city feeding its people. Their kids will go to Columbia, or at least they will have a chance to do so if they want to. So we hope and wish.

Yea New York! Es lebe the pizza guys!

yes, odd isnt it, when someone of non mexican descent delivers something to our homes

Actually, I neglected to describe the more usual variety of the people who deliver from this particular restaurant. They include a wonderful mix of Israelis, Russians, Central and South Americans, (former-)Yugoslavians, and North Africans as well as Mexicans, but I believe we have never seen any really dark-skinned people, and that is the most disturbing aspect of this "serving class." Is it the management's proscription, or is it the neighborhood and the lack of applicants? I just don't know.