I can't stay away from this one, for its effrontery and for almost perfectly representing the government and media's Big Lie. The oversized (but not for this tabloid) headline on the cover of the New York Daily News this morning reads, "UNDER SEIGE," referring to the latest deadly atacks in Palestine.

Every day, The Daily News' eye-catching front and back covers are the talk of the town. [this is the daily's own online description of its covers]
So a state which monopolizes all military and police power, which is equipped with just about the most sophisticated weapons available on the market today, which illegally occupies and controls every inch of Palestinian territory and which has effectively put every Palestinian under house arrest by closing street, roads and even fields, is described as "under siege" by the popular, yellow press.

We shouldn't have to take this stupidity or malignancy. It will ultimately destroy us and the world, if left unchallenged.

I've written to the offenders.