it's just sex!

It was either just a stunt or it was the real thing, but it's just sex! A Virginia couple was accused this week of having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral for a shock radio prank. It seems to me that the worst charge that might be leveled would be that of bad taste--arguably. The Daily News loves this sort of story, especially if it involves a real or perceived insult to the Catholic Church [Is it actually possible to insult that thing?], but they don't mind ending their story with a small dose of reality for our entertainment.

[Leaving court yesterday, one of the defendents] shrugged her shoulders and nodded when construction worker Michael Prinzo shouted his support.

"Hey, it's sex. Everybody does it," shouted Prinzo, 36. "What's the big deal?"

Thanks, Michael.

Still, my favorite take on the stunt was that of a letter to the editor printed in yesterday's edition:

Neptune, N.J.: I do not find Opie and Anthony's "tasteless" prank offensive. What do I find offensive? The Crusades, turning a blind eye to the Holocaust, covering up and defending the illegal sexual activities of priests, brainwashing, etc. At least Opie and Anthony [the "shock jocks"] are funny.

Will Johnson

I have no first-hand experience of this program, but it seems that humor is in the mind of the beholder. Today's [friday] Daily News tell us that in January Opie and Anthony, who have now lost their jobs over the St. Pat's incident,
crassly insulted "Hogan's Heroes" actor Robert Clary as he recounted his childhood experience in a Nazi camp.

Clary was assaulted with sound bites of the word "faggot" and audiotape of Hitler speaking - but the incident hardly caused a sensation.

That program doesn't seem to have had anything near the impact of the sex broadcast, since it didn't offend Catholics. The FCC is actually making noises about pulling the station's license altogether. Think about that.