looking at the latest Shrubisms

Reuters caught up with the vacationing Shrub on a golf course today and shares their conversation about Saddam Hussein and Iraq with a public awaiting with baited breath.

"I described them [Iraq] as the 'axis of evil' once. I describe them as an enemy until proven otherwise," Bush told reporters after teeing off at the Ridgewood Country Club Golf Course.
[something like his administration's attitude toward U.S. government captives, American or otherwise--guilty until proved innocent, that is, if we don't just forget all about them altogether]

Asked if Americans were prepared for casualties in a war with Iraq, Bush--whose stated policy is to seek Saddam's ouster--replied: "That presumes there is some kind of imminent war plan. As I have said, I have no timetable.
[notice it's his supposedly nonexistent timetable he speaks of, not ours, or even that of the government in Washington]
"But I do believe what the American people understand is that weapons of mass destruction in the hands of leaders such as Saddam Hussein are very dangerous for ourselves," he said. "They understand the concept of blackmail.
[well, our friends, allies and every other nation on earth knows that concept, since we have been employing the device rather heavily lately]
"They know that when we speak of making the world more safe we do so not only in the context of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups but nations that have proved themselves to be bad neighbors and bad actors," he added.
[is he for real?]
Asked if he was surprised he had not built more support for action against Saddam, Bush said: "Most people understand he is a danger, but as I have said in speech after speech I have a lot of tools at my disposal. I have also said I am a deliberate person."
"They [Hussein or Iraq] obviously desire weapons of mass destruction. I presume that he still views us as an enemy."
[where would they/he get that idea?]

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Published on August 10, 2002 9:26 PM.

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