"My Friends Who Bought Me The Election"

[somebody else is not taking this Putsch-ring thing very well! This is from Mark Morford's email list]

To All My Friends Who Bought Me The Election They are Republican "Pioneers," the raisers of the early cash that made the machinery of presidential politics purr for George W. Bush as he sought and won the 2000 GOP nomination. Eighteen months after he entered the White House, President Bush is putting on a party [this past friday, just after his programmed Waco economic forum] for the hundreds of deeply corrupt and snickering, oil-drunk, pro-corporate money slugs whose efforts helped raise a record $100 million as he hurtled through the 2000 primary season like some sort of dense hunk of rock caught in a wind tunnel. More than 200 Bush Pioneers, most of whom snort powdered shredded accounting records for breakfast and directly equate that numbing and dead feeling inside their shriveled hearts with true success, pledged to raise at least $100,000 each for the Bush 2000 campaign, and never in your life have you see such a blisteringly odious array of corporate toe suckers, all assembled in one place like some sort of mutated WASP Godfather gang-leader summit, except without the sex and cool clothes and nice cinematography but with enormous amounts of body fat and trophy-wife swapping and inbreeding.