Report from Palestine VII

[Steve did report that his friend Erica had been arrested, and that she has support people here. This report just arrived from JATO (Jews Against The Occupation) rather than from Steve directly.]

Nablus-A member of the New York-based group Jews Against the Occupation was arrested by the Israeli Military earlier today after delivering food and medicine to Palestinian families. She has been falsely charged with shielding rock-throwing boys.

Erica Weitzman, a Manhattan-based humanitarian aid and human rights
worker is currently being held at the Shogai Shomron military base
and will be transferred to a prison at the Ariel settlement to await

Ms. Weitzman has been in the West Bank since August 9th, 2002 and has
been visiting civilian Palestinian apartment buildings that have been
taken over by the Israeli army for use as bases. The army generally
forces several families who live in the building into one small
apartment. Ms. Weitzman has been observing living conditions and
bringing food and medicine to these families who are not permitted to
leave their buildings, even during the short periods when curfew
is lifted. In the past 60 days in Nablus, the round-the-clock curfew
has only been lifted for a total of 60 hours, most of which have been
concentrated in time blocks.

Ms. Weitzman denies having contact with rock-throwing children.

"The more crimes the Israeli government commits against the
Palestinian people in the name of Jews everywhere, the more I felt it
was precisely my responsibility as a Jew to speak out against them."
Ms. Weitzman said at a press conference held in front of the AIPAC
offices in New York before leaving for the West Bank.

Members of Jews Against The Occupation have maintained a presence in
the West Bank since April 2002, working in solidarity with non-
violent Palestinian organizers against the daily military violence
visited on Palestinian civilians. Jews Against The Occupation
recognizes that the acts of the Israeli government are not only
illegal and immoral, but pose a threat to Jewish lives and the fabric
of Jewish identity worldwide.

To interview members of Jews Against The Occupation currently in the
West Bank call:

- Ryan Senser, 011-972-56-375-202:
Former Hebrew schoolteacher, temple youth group leader, and college
Hillel President.

- Steve Quester, 011-972-67-308-192:
"Great evil is being perpetrated on the people of Palestine. Evil is
being done in my name, because I am a Jew. Evil is being done with
weapons I purchased, because I am an American. If I don't stand up
against this evil, who will?" Former Hebrew schoolteacher, current
New York Public School teacher.

- Jeremy A. Hoffman, 011-972-56-711-040:
"My grandparents and great grandparents did not flee the Cossack
raids of Czarist Russia to have their history, culture and religious
tradition exploited to justify the destruction and devastation of

Jews Against The Occupation is a New York City based group of Jewish community leaders, and part of a growing movement of worldwide Jewish dissent against the illegal, violent actions of the Israeli government and the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

thank you, jim for the real news

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