Report from Palestine V

[again, a report from Steve, still in Palestine, relayed through Donald]

Steve and company walked through the checkpoint outside nablus no

ISM people are doing a checkpoint watch to advocate for people not
allowed through. Steve stayed there a couple hours and helped get
people through, including sick people. He witnessed an entire family
get turned away, luggage and all. They were trying to get back home
to Jordan.

Steve went to Balata refugee camp. He says it is "carnivalesque".
Even during curfew it is packed with people, vendors hawking. There
are 30,000 people in the camp. Packed.

Internationals have a definite role to play in stopping the
demolition of Palestinian homes. Steve and others from his group
spent the night in Askar refugee camp, outside Nablus, with 4
different families of people shot by the Israeli military.
Meanwhile, in the old city of Nablus, a home was demolished that was
not housing an international.

The demolitions are usually done around 2 in the morning.

Today Steve watched a tank go down a street in Nablus shooting at
rock throwing kids. His group visited a house in Nablus. It's a
big, beautiful house, and it has a great view of the city, so it has
been taken by the Israeli military. The twenty Palestinians who
lived there have been shoved into a single apartment. confined to one
apartment. Folks from JATO brought medicine and food to those people,

Outside the building there are two trucks being held for driving
during curfew. One of the trucks is full of food which will rot.
Steve and his group hope to persuade military officers to release the
truck (they also have one of the driver's ID papers, which means he
can't go anywhere until he gets them back).

That's all for now.


I'm including below additional information about what people might do to help make a diffference.

[this was a postscript on today's message from Donald, so I'm not sure who wrote it]

Ps In the last post I mentioned ISM organizing support for the Olive
Harvest. You can get lots of information on this action at
[these items are from Steve]
To phone me in Palestine from the United States, dial 011-972-67-308192. I'll be delighted to hear from you. (Palestine is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time.)

You're welcome to share my phone number in Palestine with anyone you like. You may also forward this email to anyone you like; just erase the originating email address from the header.

I prefer not to receive email while I'm away.

For information on New York area organizing for direct action in Palestine (or to make a donation), go to

For the extremely informative website of New York's Jews Against the Occupation, the group with which I'm most active, go to

For up-to-date, first-hand, news from Palestine, go to Indymedia Palestine at http//

For diaries and photos from the last delegation, and lots of other excellent information, see For diaries from an activist currently in Palestine, go to For general info on the International Solidarity Movement, see

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