"I would wear the opposite -- nuke em' all!"

While I was speaking during intermission to the two women who sat next to us tonight at the theater, one of them said that she really liked my button (the slash "WAR" button I've worn now for exactly 360 days). She enthusiastically accepted the duplicate I offered her, but when I asked her friend if she would like one too, she declined, also enthusiastically, even chuckling, with, "I would wear the opposite -- nuke em' all!"

Barry insists the second woman represents the real America. I guess I'm so out of touch with this real America, perhaps partly because the version I grew up with no longer exists, that I really didn't know that. In spite of my too obvious pessimism these days, I still don't want to believe it could be the case.

Unfortunately we no longer have the luxury of not knowing what the real America looks like. I expect we will all find out very very soon.

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Published on September 8, 2002 12:58 AM.

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