death watch

The junta in Washington frightened, seduced or merely distracted, us with a war of its own invention. Is this nation cowardly, insane or just plain stupid?

Never mind. The consequences will be the same, regardless of the answer.

The people who illegitimately seized power in the last election now control every* institution of our national government and have free rein to accomplish their mean and dangerous program of greed and violence.

This was less an election than a second mugging.

The nation and the world are almost certainly doomed. What a pity it has all been accomplished without a real contest, and by such small minds.

Ah, but you and I both now see that it's 5:30 in the morning! Won't it look better in the daylight?


* Think of all the federal judgeships in the land, and the nasty appointees on the way.

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