oh yeah, "security"

Yesterday the Republican-Democratic Party won again!

Democrats who had held up the [bill creating a monstrous Homeland Security Department] before Republicans regained control of Congress in the midterm elections gave in to relaxed Civil Service rules demanded by the White House.

The agreement gives the Bush administration a free hand to jettison Civil Service rules in promoting and firing workers in the new agency and allows the president to exempt unionized workers from collective-bargaining agreements in the name of national security.

Unions, civil service rules protecting the worker and collective bargaining are not threats to our security, in spite of what this regime tell us.

The Democratic Party is accused of losing the recent congressional election because it believed in the rights of the worker, even the "Homeland Security" worker. Now that the election is over and lost the Party abandons what might have been an extremely rare example of its former integrity. Are they absolutely insane, completely incompetent or just totally corrupt?

Congress is simply an extra-large board room, blind, like all of its kind, to both reality and morality.

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Published on November 13, 2002 11:14 AM.

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