yucky comments

I have not yet discontinued the "comments" function of the log, although I have been sorely tempted and may still do so. So, those who have an interest in the descriptions ["sick," "pervert," "sick fuck,"] used of me and of Barry by those responding to our postings about the Chicago killing may still see there the evidence of their misreading, their ignorance and their fanaticisms.

Again sir, I repeat, tolerance is the acceptance of others viewpoints without necessarily accepting (or condoning)them. If you accept the fact that you are permitted to express viewpoints that are perceived as offensive to some, yet deny the rights of others to express their viewpoints, you become the very thing you detest and say you are fighting against: an oppressor. Diversity means the discussion of ALL viewpoints, even unpopular ones, not just those that you prefer. If you would prefer not to engage people on this subject, don't talk about it.

Simply suppressing others viewpoints that you do not agree with is replacing one form of domination with your own personal preference or style of domination.

Everyone is entitled to expressing their own views, whether you or I agree or not. It is called dialouge and is the mark of intelligence, rational, human interaction. You should try it, you might be pleasently suprised.

I fail to see where I misread anything. I repeat: The contempt shown for the victim of the murder as opposed to the solicitude for the murderer stikes me as the world turned upside down. To me this mindset is sick. Also, I am neither ignorant or fanatic. I do not have a homophobic bone in my body.

If you want to discontinue the comments, that is your choice. If you only want feedback that supports your belief system, then why don't you and Barry get together and find some other murderers to support. I am sorry that Guiterrez had a fucked up life. I am sorry that his mommy did not love him unconditionally. I am even more sorry that an apparently gentle, caring, perhaps misguided woman was brutally murdered. Most of my compassion lies with her.