Cardinal out-Law

Can we all agree on one thing? If there realy were a god, he wouldn't be working with a Cardinal Law.

Law's outrageous assaults upon those who trusted him, and those who never would, did not begin or end with the messy issue of sexual abuse currently in headlines around the world.

He represented, with an energy and enthusiasm uncommon even among his colleagues, the Roman Catholic Church's disastrous, authoritarian and evangelical global policies on AIDS, abortion, same-sex marriages, women's health care, public education and public health policy.

Preaching from Church pulpits soon afer his appointment in Boston, he told Catholics to vote against the Democratic White House candidates in 1984, Walter Mondale-Geraldine Ferraro, because of Mrs Ferraro's support for abortion, and he never relented in his political partisanship, if it could mean advancing the narrow obsesssive agenda and the economic, social and political power of the Catholic fanaticism he and his office embodied so well.

Good riddance, but Law's lone departure is not likely to change a thing, for while the people of the Boston area are being delivered of one miserable wretch, the damage remains, and the mischief continues there and throughout this nation and across the planet, nasty stuff worthy neither of gods nor men.