"radical nationalists"

Louis Lapham, the editor of Harper's, has come up with the phrase, "radical nationalists," as a description of the party interests which currently control Washington, and thus the nation and already much of the world. Don't call them "conservative."

"Conservative" is hardly an accurate description of Bush, the Republicans, the corporatists and the religious fundamentalists whose agenda for change, well underway already, will clearly destroy the republic, and perhaps much more.

I don't for a moment doubt the eager commitment to the great and noble project of "regime change," but on the evidence ot the last eighteen months they've been doing their most effective work in the United States, not in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iraq. Better understood as radical nationalists than as principled conservatives, they deploy the logic endorsed by the American military commanders in Vietnam (who found it necessary to destroy a village in order to save it), and they offer the American people a choice similar to the one presented by the officers of the Spanish Inquisition to independent-minded heretics--give up your liberty, and we will set you free. [online text not available]


It's interesting to note that Mr. Lapham, although a fellow bonesman of W. Bush and Bush 41, has the unique sense to percieve as well as publicly describe the term "radical Nationalist". I find it to be the nearly perfect idiom describing W.'s Hegalian insanity. Perhaps the bones experience has been a lynch-pin of sorts in this case. Without it this unique combination of personal experience and humanism, Louis, being none-the-less a humanist at heart, would be, by nature, sensitive to the wind made by Bushie's lemming-like run at the cliff's edge. Unfortunately there is a vacuum being created by that rush to death by 65% of the American Lemming population, and we are sucked in it.


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Published on January 25, 2003 8:54 PM.

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