reading "OZ" differently

Interesting take on the HBO series, "Oz" from a letter in tomorrow's NYTimes "Arts & Leisure" section:


I like "Oz" for many reasons, but I suspect that it touches something in me that the article ["In the Brutal World of 'Oz.' a Rare Place for Women" by K.A. Dilday {Jan. 5}] did not mention: As someone who went to college in the mid-60's, when women were locked into the dorms at night to protect us from the men, who suffered no such restrictions, I find the sight of violent men behind bars deeply comforting.

Mary McKenny
San Rafael, Calif.

Without taking anything from Ms. McKenny, for the record, I feel compelled to admit that, while I was a man in college in the 60's, I too was locked into the dorm at night. Also for the record, I must admit that while there I enjoyed neither the horrors nor the rough pleasures of "Oz."