"Recession 2003"

But it's about art, not economics, except that the works are priced very economically. In fact nothing costs more than $99. These are serious artists are serious, even when they are being very funny. We know a number of them in several of their generous capacities. The full and very timely name of the show is Recession 2003 $99 Show and it's Curated by Tim Thyzel at the very special Cynthia Broan Gallery, 423 W. 14th St., February 1 to March 10, or as long as supplies last. The gallery is open tuesday through saturday from 12 to 6. Cash and carry, yet "buyers will be asked that unique items remain on display for the first week so that viewers have an opportunity to see the show in its entirety" [from the Gallery site]

"I know a lot of group shows may look like thrift shop tag sales but this actually is one."
-Douglas Kelly, of "The Douglas Kelly Show" fame