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Some people still just don't get it. A Daily News reader writes to the paper today complaining aout the Mayor's threat to her personal freedoms.


South Orange, N.J.: What state of prohibition has Mayor Bloomberg gotten us into now? Isn't the smoking ban an infringement on our personal freedoms, masked under the guise of bettering our health? I suppose he should now ban cheeseburgers and french fries, since they are also detrimental to our health.

Doreen Dany

I cannot speak for Mr. Bloomberg or the rest of the New York City Council, but I'm sorry, I absolutely do not care if someone wishes to shoot up heroin on the street, so long as he or she does not block or litter the sidewalk which others share. Restricting smoking in closed public areas is not about tyranny.

Smoking is a threat to my health and that of anyone else who must share the air fouled by those who smoke, and it makes it impossible for me and others unable to breathe smoke to enter the spaces where it is permitted. I am ecstatic about the fact that within less than three months I will finally be able to enjoy smaller restaurants, bars and music clubs and the pleasures and society only they can provide, and, yes, I will be delighted to share these places with people who choose sometimes to smoke--only elsewhere.

"I will finally be able to enjoy smaller restaurants, bars and music clubs . . . "

uhhh no you won't because they'll all be forced to close earlier and go out of business- precisely the small venues.

and finally you WILL be blocked and see more litter in the streets because all bar attendees (smokers) will go outside to smoke cigarettes, drunk and shouting at the top of their lungs at 3AM- disturbing the neighbors, of which then nyc's finest will roll around and slap the bar with a ticket for the noise level -part of bloomberg's silent night project. think outside the box james! and by the way, your kind of thinking echoes all those who rob new york of its creative nighlife, flavor, history.

i'm sure you'll find disneyland just fine.

Gosh, you make smokers sound like animals! Some of my best friends are smokers, and I love them all. Further, I don't think night life is created with cigarette smoke, yet I do think a city which outlaws dancing and stripping shouldn't be surprised that people feel they have to smoke in order to avoid falling asleep in bars and clubs out of boredom.

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Published on January 10, 2003 12:18 PM.

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