aerial photographs?

The crowd count?

I thought that I had already mentioned the really extraordinary absence of any aerial photographic evidence of the size of the massive New York anti-war protest saturday. I just checked however, and it seems that I had not, as bj reminds me this morning in his comment.

In this commercial media-mad world I think there can be only one reason why we see nothing.

I've seen aerial photos of rallies all around the world, but, in spite of the obvious presence of helicopters over our heads all day, not one shot of the New York protest taken from the air. A single photograph of hundreds of thousands of people standing in the perfect line-graph-like grid of Manhattan would just about end arguments about whether we were 100,000 strong or closer to one million, and these numbers do matter.

I am certain that the reason we are seeing nothing reflects the continuing deliberate cover-up of the anti-war movement by both government and the U.S. media.

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Published on February 19, 2003 10:50 AM.

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