"I am just like everyone else."

But he isn't, and for that we are very happy. This story about Detective Francis Coppola and his firefighter partner Eddy appeared in The Hartford Courant this week. Maybe it's a little hokey, but that's part of its strength.

Divorced, Coppola discovered his soul mate in an old friend, Eddy, a firefighter separated from his own wife. After some fits and starts, they began a life together. Not an easy life, for it included all the tidal waters of a modern relationship. Eddy insisted they conceal it from most of the rest of the world.
Thanks to Dennis for the story tip.

For a face to go with the story, here's one picture, and another.


After posting this, I searched for more sites with the story. I found stuff from the media in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, but not New York. Coppola lives and works in New York City, but he testified in favor of a same-sex marriage bill in Hartford, not Albany. There is no such bill being discussed in the New York legislature. For me however the story is not about marriage but rather the respect owed to human difference and human relationships. The states surrounding our own have for some time been way ahead of us on this measure civilization by most any standards of law.

comment search further and you will sadly discover Det. Coppola's entire story is a lie. i discovred this and found concrete evidence to contradict his story and turned it over to NYPD authorities. He is a pathological liar. Aside from stealing the identity of a deceased NYC Fire Lt. who really did die at the WTC, he never attended NYU, does not hold an MBA and was with me on 9/11/2001 in Park Slope NOT searching the wreckage for his alleged lover.

YES! It finally out! This cop is a big fat drunken liar! He uses this story just to get laid and now, its out of control. What and asshole! if anyone else out there knows that this is a big lie too, contact the author of the story in Connecticut. Coppola claims to have lived with this Firefighter for 6 years. But he was with a string of other men during those years, and he was never married to any women. Its all just a big lie that has gotten out of control., Many people in the Gay press already know this but are to spineless to do anything about it after they already gave him awards and ran the story. GOAL NY knows and does nothing, shame on all the gay cops who know he is lying and do nothing.