NYers smarter than most Americans

And those who live in New York City are the smartest of all.

Recent Gallup and Siena polls, when compared, show that the prospect of bombing and invading Iraq is less popular in New York State than in the nation as a whole, and still less popular in the city whose losses of September 11 are the White House's excuse for the war.

The concept and call, "not in our name" started in New York and it's support still remains strongest in this most American of places.

comment This seems a little bit elitist to me. Especially since the complacency & conformity across the country is largely manufactured by media / advertising institutions in New York. I live in NY but travel frequently to the conservative South--what I hear from people there is not stupidity but repeated misinformation.

No, not elitist, just pride in the fact that people in New York City don't choose to live entirely in separate TV dens, isolated from diversity, including the diversity of news sources available now in every den.

It's our nature not to repeat.

Well few people get to choose where they live. & there are plenty of right-wingers in NYC (sometimes we elect them mayor) & plenty of thoughtful people elsewhere (& we need them if we're going to save ourselves from Bush & Osama!)

an aside: it used to be common (less so in the last 10 years) that when I met someone on a plane or somewhere in the heartland & told them I lived in NY they'd immediately say something like "I can't stand the place" or "You couldn't pay me to live there". So when they said they lived in Iowa or wherever I'd say "I hate Iowa" or "I'd rather die than live there." They'd either laugh or be deeply insulted.